Founded in 1994, PVC STAR LTD., Turkey's PVC profiles by following technological developments Sector 's leading company in the Aegean region PROFILE manufacturer has taken its place in the market by buying franchises. Our company, which adopts technology, innovations and customer satisfaction as a principle, has made the necessary investments since its establishment and has become one of the leading companies in Eskişehir in PVC sector.

Our company provides service with its high technology, CNC robot machine track with a capacity of 4,000 mt / day in 20,000 m² open area and 8000 m² closed area with an environmentally sensitive process without sacrificing the manufacturing and assembly quality at world standards. Aiming to maintain the rapid growth momentum it has achieved in the same direction, our company will continue to maintain the trust of our customers in our company and brand with the anticipated new investments and the respectful position it has achieved within the sector.

Our quality policy

YILDIZ PVC LTD ŞTİ adopts true quality and unconditional CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with its young, dynamic, educated, hard working and expert staff in compliance with the conditions of quality system based on effective and continuous improvement, complying with the sensitivity to environmental worker health and work safety. is committed to making life easier for our customers and increasing social efficiency by providing the best service in full and on time.


YILDIZ PVC LTD ŞTİ, which follows the latest technology closely with its young, dynamic, educated, hard working, friendly and expert staff, production environment information processing (Manufacturing) entrance, cutting and welding department is realized in computer environment and prepared in the latest technology processing centers. In the other stages of production, production is carried out with a superior machine track which is modernized with the latest technology in accordance with its quality.


Our installation staff, which performs the installation of PVC joinery with a single point full service approach, consists of 3 staff and provides service including 14 installation, 1 service and quality control team. Our assembly team consists of 1 installer, assistant and 1 plasterer. Our teams provide services with vehicles and equipment equipped with the latest technology. Our quality control team checks the assembly after assembly and delivers a perfect job to the end user.


Our company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Our company, which acts extremely sensitive in this regard, aims to become a BRAND in its sector by providing high quality service to the end user in a short time with the necessary technological investments.