Technicial Specifications


Profile Width : 60 mm
Chamber Count : 4
Gasket Count : 2 (Middle Gasket)
Gasket : TPE Grey / Black
Lath : Single Claw - PCE Gasket
Glass Thickness : 4, 20, 24, 30, 36 mm
Standard : TS 5358 - EN 12608-B Class
Thermal Conductivity : Uf: 1.5 W/m2K

Product Brochure

General Features

Legend PVC Window System is designed with 6 rooms according to 80 mm seating width. In the design of the system, especially considering the high performance criteria, profiles are formed by bringing together the most suitable building blocks. The design process, as well as the profile, the performance of the window, insulation (heat and sound), strength, sealing properties were evaluated holistically. Profiles in the system are produced in accordance with EN12608-1 standard.


Legend PVC Window System is designed to bring together many important building blocks in order to provide the best thermal insulation for your space. The system has 80 mm platform, 6 chamber, 3 gasket (middle gasket) concepts and lower heat and conductivity coefficient (Uf) are targeted. Legend PVC Window System `Uf value; 0.92 W / m²K. In particular, the configuration of the system over 80 mm wide allows for low-Ug triple glazing applications with a glass thickness of 52 mm. Thus, the thermal conductivity value of your window, profile section and the thermal values of the glass combine to form the superior U window value. (* Uw: 0.78 W / m²K)


Legend PVC Window System in the profiles located in the support sheet has high static values. Thus, in the regions where the wind load is high, the most suitable profile and sheet are determined by considering the static calculations. The high static strength of the sheet metal provides a wider size window in the system, which increases the field of view.


The system has a wide product range. Standard casing, casing frame, common rail, static common rail, wing and dropper wing options, inward and outward opening door wing profiles and wing adapter system are the main profiles. In addition, a rich group of auxiliary profiles are available to create solutions for many specific details. 90 corners, angled corners, grease and facade profiles, elevation, frame extension, closing and moldings profiles ...


PVC windows and doors 24, 30, 36, 44 and 52 mm glass thickness applications can be made. Legend PVC Window System, Egepen Deceuninck `s color options in the rich color alternatives by taking advantage of offers solutions for all tastes.

* Upencere value, IFT-Rosenheim`da doğrama için hesaplanan değerdir.