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Venues in terms of architecture offering the decorative options Egepen Deceuninck Turkey's leading manufacturer of PVC, Storbox Shutter System with security for the home and office, offering a combination of insulation and energy savings. The louver system, which protects against external factors such as sunlight, rain and dust, protects the spaces against damaging external factors.

Roller shutters, which have a rough appearance that is difficult to clean in the past, are now more convenient, safer and more aesthetic with Egepen Deceuninck. Egepen Deceuninck Storbox Shutter System, which provides protection against weather conditions such as sunlight, dust and rain, offers practical and aesthetic solutions to spaces. The Storbox Shutter System, which provides practical cleaning possibilities with its easy-to-clean structure, offers ideal solutions for places that receive direct sunlight. Thanks to its elegant design, the roller shutter system, which is in harmony with the architecture of the houses and is effective for privacy, plays a deterrent role for abusive attitudes such as theft.

The louver system, which provides peace in all places with its noise-preventing structure, is produced in two different sizes as 165 mm and 200 mm and is used as over-the-shutter louvers. In order to provide high thermal insulation, it is in special system in 165x200 mm and 200x235 mm boxes.

Roller shutter option The Storbox Roller System, which can be used as Aegean and Mini Roller Shutters, can be easily applied to single windows, doors and places requiring multiple louvers. For those who want to provide a more decorative look or protection to their spaces, they can be combined with sliding fly screen or roller fly screen.