Technicial Specifications

General Features

As an alternative solution to adverse weather conditions, the shutter meets the aesthetic design and functionality of Egepen Deceuninck. Egepen Deceuninck, which produces 100 percent recyclable PVC products and combines all of its products with maximum harmony, offers its developed kepenksoption to the taste of those who do not give up nostalgia.

Combining aesthetics and function with maximum harmony in the designs it develops, Egepen Deceuninck offers a variety of PVC shutter systems developed for your home.

Especially for the security or harsh climatic conditions used today, roller shutter systems provide users a safe environment and heat saving. PVC roller shutters, which can be used for decorative purposes, offer aesthetic and functional solutions to the spaces with 14 different color options inspired by nature from Egepen Deceuninck. ”Utility Model Certificate” and Egepen Deceuninck's PVC roller shutter system provides users with ease of use. PVC shutter systems developed with special system are divided into two groups as wall or frame mounting according to the type of installation. According to personal preferences and tastes, Egepen Deceunicnk shutters can be applied in white and laminated color alternatives. According to the characteristics of the place, PVC roller shutter systems, which can also be produced with arched roller shutters, provide aesthetics to the window system and can be used safely for years with its durable and wear-resistant structure.

In roller shutter systems, while the blades are closed, the inner blades can be opened forward with a special scissor system. The shutters can be divided into two groups according to the type of installation. White and laminated color alternatives can be applied in roller shutter systems. According to the characteristics of the space, the production of arched roller shutters is also possible.

Ege Profil Tic. and San. Inc. These patented roller shutter systems are compatible with every PVC window system and can be used safely for years.